About Us

Hari Sound have been established over 48 years (Founded in 1972) and have a strong background in the Event industry. Hari Sound is one of the most experienced sound and light services provider in Madhya Pradesh. We pride ourselves in providing quality products and professional services at a superb value.

We design the Sound and Lighting system for events or Installation based on your requirements within your budget. Whether it is ambient lighting for wedding or a massive Sound and Lighting rig for a concert, we are capable of Conceptualizing and Executing the design for you successfully. We are a company that focuses on being the best. Our team of highly trained technicians will go above and beyond to provide you with the best solution for your event in your budget.

Go through our equipment's list & you will realize that each & every area of our inventory is thought of with a lot of care & you’re dealing with a professionally managed organization using the latest and best of sound and lighting technology.

Our event list will show that no matter what the occasion a rock concert, a fashion show, awards function, a corporate promotion or even a conference, why we are called upon to handle the best.


With a very strong presence in sound and light industry Hari Sound will continue to develop and refine the best and safe products while providing comprehension support system services to promote customer loyalty and long term perspective for all our partners


Our vision is to give people unlimited access to a world of sound and light.

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    One of the best and professionals in the market with quality

    Sumit Giri

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    One of the best event organizer

    Ashish Jha

  • Customer Testimonial

    You guys make our event awesome

    Shikha Sharma